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About me

Hello and welcome, I am an experienced DM with over 30 years in Role playing games. I started playing with my family as a very young kid and was hooked ever since. I have made stories for various RPG types like DnD from second edition up to 5e, Strombringer, Shadowrun, Warhammer, Midnight, Call of Cthulhu, Star Wars, Legend of the five rings, 7th Sea, Lord of the rings. I started Dming online in 2019. I enjoy making worlds and stories of high fantasy with a dash of dark horror peppered with good humor. I paint Npcs with motives and stories that players can come to befriend, love, fight or hate. As the campaigns are centered around the players, the story will track the events that brings them to legends of their world. My ultimate fun is for the players to live memorable events and stories be it from a mundane or an epic situation. I welcome beginners and veterans and I do not discriminate on any base: come as you are. All my campaigns will start with a session zero to talk about the game setting (the world you would be playing in) and a step by step help to make your characters. I also review with the players a consent list to set the proper levels regarding boundaries (social, violence, etc.) for a safe RPG experience. Currently I propose settings in the Dnd 5e for One Shots and Campaigns. I’m bringing to the game Homebrew worlds with unique maps and battle maps full of characters with their own motives and agenda and personnal versions of classic monsters. Trivias: I can Dm in french. I use safety tools: initial safety form in session 0, X cards, pre and post game experience sharing. For Online Dming I use Foundry VTT.

GM style

My games have a balanced mixed of tactical combat, social encounters and explorations. Depending on the world settings and the session 0 I will twist and adjust the mix to the table. In all my campaigns I expect my players to 1) not do what seemed obvious, 2) trash their plan as fast as possible. Knowing this, I tend to plan a lot of things in my games so that players can take whatever road they want into the story. You want to befriend the nearby lich? Sure, try it out! You would rather not fight E-ver? Sure, give it a go. However choices come with consequences :) If the Lich ends up sending you to the meat grinder, you better have a plan B somewhere. If this demon would rather have you for breakfast, a peaceful solution might be... errr... complicated? I am a strong believer that the stories we build at a table will take us in many great places if you let them as long as the proper precautions have been set beforehand. I also take great care that every player can try out what is fun to them in a safe game because I know there is no story without a happy trusting group of adventurers.

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