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About me

Glad to meet you. Hopefully I'll get to share a story with you. I love TTRPGs and enjoy D&D 5e; however, I'm open to all game so long as I get to praise the dice gods! I mostly DM, but I love playing just as much. However, I'm a very content forever DM. Maybe you've seen me on🔰 GoneRollin. If you haven't, then please watch me get embarrassed by my players. I have an education in Game Design and consider this to be one of my greatest assets when making an excellent RPG. I am passionate about TTRPGs and know what it takes to make these games fun. I can easily adjust mechanics if need be and maintain a coherent feel. My longest-running campaign on record is 4 years. It was hard to close the story but with everyone emotional at the table we gave it a beautiful wrap.

GM style

I put RP and creativity first. I include RP and unique interactions in combat. I'm obsessed with lore. I will give you improv and prewritten history everywhere. I create living and unique worlds for my games. I do this by using a wide range of believable character voices that immerse players into the world. It's my goal to make a one-shot or campaign feel like a film or show. I put a lot into combat too. I love strategy games. So for players that really enjoy preplanning and strategizing I'm absolutely ready to give you a challenge. I'm an active user of homebrew and the rule of cool. If the players have an original idea I often encourage it and help work it in mechanically. I've helped develop anything from artificer gundmans to a purposefully challenging magic system for a low magic setting. If you want to feel like an anime protagonist, lets do it, or if you want to get absolutely stomped on in a grimdark setting, I'm your eldritch god. Lets make a story together! I can't wait!

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