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Howdy! I'm Trent and I go by TRENTJH in the online world, I'm the author of the Ixoterra Setting for Pathfinder 2e, and a passionate storyteller, hailing from Manitoba, Canada. I've been dedicating myself to honing my craft in storytelling and GMing, while I've only converted to the pathfinder system with the release of 2e, my previous repertoire and experience with TTRPG's in general shows, backed by almost 7 years of experience. I also have a wonderful and slowly growing community revolving around Ixoterra but all sorts of other interests as well, all while remaining LGBTQ+ friendly. I've refined my style of GMing to revolve around story telling, hand crafted tales dictated by the actions of the players, campaigns I run are meant to feel like a joint story between the players, and not some by-the-book tale. On my patreon you can additional content for patreons for Pathfinder 2e system designed for the Fictional Realms of Ixoterra.

GM style

My games tend to have a healthy balance, ranging from 40-60 to 60-40, however I can easily adapt to the type of story the players pursue. My Campaigns typically tend to be longer at about 8-14 months (assuming once a weeks sessions) but have no fear if you're more interested in shorter stories I'll be happy to cater to such desires.

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