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I started playing AD&D in the early 80's, kept it up for over a decade, but, as so often happens, life took over and it was forgotten. I rediscovered D&D around 2018 and have had regular games going with my old group since 2020. Unlike many of the GMs listed here, I don't have a lot of qualifications to share. I ain't no Matt Mercer. I am just an introverted computer nerd who has had some of the happiest times of his life while sitting around the table with friends playing D&D. All of us could use some of that in our lives, and I'd like to help make that happen for you. I pretty much stick to D&D 5e as I am an old man and stick to what I know. Despite coming of age when D&D was more of a tactical war game with the DM trying to kill the players (e.g. Tomb of Horrors), I really like the new style of gaming, with everybody contributing to the developing story, bending the rules, rolling the dice, and enjoying both the successes and failures.

GM style

I tend toward dark scenarios, but with a playful, whimsical twist. Kind of like the Color out of Space mixed with the Color of Magic; Conan meets Groo. I not a rules lawyer, and don't run adversarial games. We are all here to have fun.

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