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About me

Really, the best thing about this hobby is it acts as a means to facilitate imagination. That's what drew me to TTRPGs: The world is endless because it exists in the minds of the people creating it. This is what makes it an experience unlike anything else and what especially excites me about the process. Elliott (yes, it is a sudden switch to the third person I agree, but hopefully it conveys the biography section better than speaking in the first person) has several years experience as a Game Master. His time as a stand-up comedian and writer deeply informs his GM-ing style which has a dash of humor and a strong narrative. To get a sense of Elliott's style you can listen to his former podcast "What's Your Damage?" though, don't hold the first episode against him, he didn't quite grasp that it was an audio medium.

GM style

I enjoy creating homebrew worlds that allow for a group of interested and dedicated players to add-to, change, or impact. Every TTRPG world exists for players to interact and make a mark on. I also find roleplaying especially fun and like to encourage it wherever I can. Creating an intriguing and expansive world that makes players want to explore is one of my favorite things. And creating fun and multivalent battles is something I'm currently especially interested in.

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