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RPG games and fantasy have been my two great passions since childhood and come together in the deep, living world my games are set in. When you play with me you get to make your mark on this world, meet interesting three-dimensional characters with their own stories, and leave behind tales of your own exploits for future adventurers to discover.

GM style

My games are first and foremost driven by your characters as their goals and motivations put them in the path of villainous NPCs with their own schemes, plots, and goals that they will stop at nothing to achieve. I play with a number of the variant rules for 5e that add real resource constraints and ask you to make meaningful choices. These choices bring about some of the best moments of drama: When Frodo and Sam realize they have enough food to make it to Mount Doom but not to return, do they turn back? Or do they carry on, believing their quest to be more important than themselves? Would your character do the same? Or can you come up with a creative solution that gets you there and back again. Don’t worry though: this won’t require any extra math on your part, as I have everything I need to support this without placing any extra burden on the players. As the icing on the cake I aim to create an immersive experience, with rich battlemaps and a spine-tingling soundtrack to bring the game to life.

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