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About me

I enjoy the group storytelling experience of ttrpgs, and have taken classes for both long and short form improv. I love incorporating my players ideas and stories into my games. I prefer to follow the rules most of the time, but the Rule of Cool applies to all my games!

GM style

I enjoy roleplaying and non-combat exploration/encounters just as much as I do combat, and encourage players to roleplay with npcs and other players. Dont be afraid to ask if there is something available that I didn't mention, as room descriptions are not the be-all-end-all. For example, one of my favorite things I have had a player ask is "since this is a high priest's room, does he have artwork of his deity that I can inspect?" I am the GM, not your enemy- I know a lot of people have had bad experiences with game masters trying to outsmart the players or to find ways around the player's strengths. I want to be clear that I do not do this. I am here so we can tell a story together, not so we can compete. Ammo and Survival necessities- Unless specifically stated in a games description, I do not require tracking ammo or food and water. If you use thrown weapons, such as javelins or throwing axes, please keep track of how many you have used during combat, but I will assume that you collect them after every fight, so you will start the next fight at your full number. Combat difficulty and frequency- I tend to do 1-3 combat encounters per long rest. While some combat is difficult, I have a tendency to lean towards moderate or easy, and avoid deadly combat. I know some people like the hard and technical fights that could lead to the death of one or more characters if you don't fight smart enough, but I normally reserve that level of difficulty for boss-fights. Alignment- I stick to the standard DnD alignment chart for simplicity's sake. That being said, you are allowed to skip over alignment when character building, as alignment is more of a general description than a hard definition. If you want to play an evil aligned character, please speak with me beforehand so we can go over a few things to make sure that doing so will not detract from other's enjoying the game. The Rule of Cool- If you are unfamiliar with it, the rule of cool is that creative solutions can solve problems, regardless of mechanics. Well this doesn't mean you can circumvent the rules every-time, it does mean that suggesting a realistic solution can reduce or even eliminate your in-game problems. My favorite example of this is when a player of mine had climbed the outside of a tower, entered through a window, and then turned invisible. He found an enemy that he knew he could not take on his own, and the rest of the party was still trying to get the door at the bottom of the tower open. So he made some noise by the stairs, and when the enemy went to investigate, he pushed the enemy down the stairs. There aren't really clear rules for falling down a long spiral staircase, and RAW, most enemies with a high enough CR could survive the fall damage anyway. So this was the resolution I decided: after the successful shove, I rolled two saves for the enemy- the first one to catch himself, and the second to potentially reduce damage. Had he passed both saves, he would have fallen partway down, but taken half fall damage. Had he failed to catch himself, but succeeded at reducing damage, he would have fallen all the way down the staircase, but taken half damage for the longer fall. Since he failed both saves, I declared it a successful assassination, as he clearly broke his neck falling down three flights of stairs. The Allowed and the Forbidden- Emotional stories, romance, and even darker stories are allowed. I prefer to run games as 18+ so that if a player wants to explore more serious topics, we can. The following is not allowed in my games: 'on-screen' sex (fade to black/going to the other room is allowed), rape, institutionalized bigotry or slavery, pedo, murder-hobos, player-characters and non-villains being bigoted. If you are wanting to include something from this list in your character's backstory, message me about it and we can see if we can make it work. If you are wanting to include something from this list during the game, the answer is no.


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