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About me

Devon is a 20+ year veteran of D&D and was featured in Bloomberg for his role in bringing professional Dungeon Master's to the forefront of the gaming industry. He has introduced over 300 new players to the game, and specializes in team building and introductory games. He values making sure games are inclusive and focus on fun. You can also find him running his weekly actual play D&D show on Twitch on Sundays. When not playing D&D, he enjoys reading, volleyball, pizza, and working on product.

GM style

I am a big fan of roleplay in gaming sessions. I love to do all the voices. I am quick on my feet to handle whatever players throw at me. My knowledge of the rules is pretty strong, but depending on skill level, I am pretty loose with them. I often like to introduce new players to the game by rolling out specific rules over time, and not flooding them with game mechanics right off that get go. I like to twist and change a lot of the rules to fit the group I am playing with, and prioritize making it fun. I use a lot of homebrew rules and content. Most of my sessions are original adventures and I rarely run modules. I'm not a huge fan of intensive tactical combat. With virtual/online games, I don't use any particular platforms, but instead just use theater of the mind.


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