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About me

Former theater kid with a penchant for world-building. I love creating custom, RP heavy games for people who miss those childhood games of pretend. Playing D&D 5e for over 5 years, DMing the entire time. I run both long term campaigns and fun themed one shots. While my table is open to players of all experience levels, I really love running games for beginners, so if you're new to the game and looking to learn more, let's chat! Friendly space for my fellow girls, gays, and theys, and consider this a gate-keeping free zone. I'm currently a PC in a streamed game of Icewind Dale (, Monday nights at 8:30EST). I also run occasional one shots on that channel as well.

GM style

My go-to style is roleplay heavy, rules light (it's not that I don't appreciate them, I just think that flexibility in the name of a good story is more important). A fair mix of comedy and drama, but I definitely throw in pop culture references for flavor. Lots of homebrew elements, and memorable NPCs. That being said, I believe in catering to the needs of the table, so if the party likes more combat, I'm into it, let's fight a homebrew horror movie monster (I have a stat block for Pennywise I'm dying to try out...) Customizing the game to fit the expectations of the group is always the best way to insure a good experience for everyone.


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