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About me

Tommy Rose - GM multiclassing as a Bard, and I'd like to build a story together! I'm a film and tech teacher, sound designer, actor, improv performer, and GM. I bring my vocal talents, and improv skills to the table. I love building homebrew games, especially fantasy stories in non-traditional fantasy settings, but I also love building games from existing modules! It's likely my dog Arcanine, or my cat Pantalaimon will make a surprise guest appearance during games. See you at the table!

GM style

Happy to run 1-shots, or extended campaigns. Some features of my game that I'll bring to the table as your GM: • I usually make my games comedic, and I do many voices for NPC's • I'm good at improvising situations and interactions, and I reward player creativity • I find it important to let each player get their opportunity to shine • Failure can be fun or funny. I encourage finding the bright side of bad rolls • Immersive PC's (voices, accents, etc.) are always encouraged, but never required Happy to guide new players, as well as provide a challenge for veterans. Rules are meant to be bent when it helps the game! Even the silliest of campaigns benefit from a little mystery, a macguffin hunt, and some lovely red herrings. I love building a strong foundation, and watching it grow with the players' actions! A good balance of Roleplay and Combat makes for a memorable campaign.


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