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FORWARD: The space that I create is explicitly LGBTQIA+ inclusive, Neurodivergent inclusive, and BIPOC inclusive. Trans Women are Women. Black Lives Matter. If you have a disability that I can reasonably provide for (ex. Text Transcription, Photosensitivity, Assistance with VTT Operation), let me know! I'm happy to help as best I can. ------------------------------------------------------- A Sincere and Heartfelt Welcome to All Travelers, Journey Makers, Adventurers, Explorers, Sellswords, Privateers and Heroes! Mayhaps you find yourself amongst others of your ilk in search of fortune and glory? Fear not, for I have here upon my board of quests a multitude upon which to embark! Do you possess any lingering reticence when it comes to the matter of coin needed to secure exclusivity on this lead? Aye, I cannot say I'm surprised - we have all marched across the Borderlands, and many more have delved into the Citadel of Sunless depths.... You needn't fear, however, for I can assure you that this particular journey is unlike one you have ever embarked upon before. In fact, I can further guarantee you that no souls aside from you or your company shall embark upon a journey such as this again! Perhaps you are still not convinced? Leery of yet another den of raucous kobolds in need of a good thwacking? Of this concern you may once again rest easy. I have been in the business of Quest Giver for quite some time, after all, and I can spot a seasoned explorer when I see them. No, no - this will be no run-of-the-mill crawl through alarmingly straight tunnels; no grunt's work fully focused on blade and spell! What I have here are proper journeys! The sorts that build lasting bonds and introduce opportunity to form meaningful relationships with your companions. Oh, there will no doubt be plenty of dangerous creatures and villainous folk who wish nothing more than to see your essence cut from the mortal coil...however, a handful of fights does not an adventure make, aye? For each time you will be called upon to draw your blade, load your rifle, or weave together mystic threads, there will be many more wherein you will discover sights not yet seen, negotiate with individuals of questionable motive, and engage in both playful banter and meaningful discussion with companions and strangers alike. So, have I taken your measure correctly, traveler? Is this the sort of quest you seek? If so, you have most assuredly found yourself at the right place... Hello there! My name is Rob. Pleasure to meet you! Are you looking for somewhere to enjoy the more theatrical elements of TTRPGs? Perhaps your an amateur thespian, or a curious newcomer who is much more thrilled by story than statblocks? Maybe you've seen a few episodes (or a few seasons) of an Actual Play, and would love nothing more than to see that level of deep, rich character development take place at a table where you have a seat? It could even be that you're an older player who - much like myself roughly a decade ago - have come to appreciate the one element that separates TTRPGs from Video Games and Board Games.... The Roleplay. If any of the above sound like you, than I believe you would be a fantastic fit for my table! When it comes to TTRPGs, my goal is to provide an immersive, rich, and truly deep gameplay experience - one in which character bonds are tested, relationships are formed, and your adventurer is just as much shaped by their pasts as they are by their experience during play. I take special care to give the player characters ample opportunity to just exist with one another - journeys take time, and it's only during the quietude - absent the clashing of steel - where the voices we choose to embody during these games truly reveal themselves. Make no mistake - there will be plenty of challenging, interesting combats with unique monsters and villains! However, there will also be a great many moments wherein the characters are simply settled down for their evening meal at a campfire, nestled into a barstool at the tavern, or enjoying the creature comforts of a warm bath and a soft bed. If you are looking for a quick-and-dirty dungeon-crawl, suffice it to say - this table is likely not the one you're looking for. However, if what you seek is a rich, character-driven story; one that has not been told yet, and will never be told again; one where we truly learn who the main cast of our tale is beyond their combat abilities; one where your Gamemaster is there to help tell a story rather than having a story they want to tell... Your seat is waiting for you! ----------------------------------------------------- ON CONSENT IN GAMING: With a dedicated focus to the emotionally and mentally moving elements of these games, I also place a high level of importance on inclusivity, fostering a welcoming environment, and providing a safe space for all whom honor me with their presence at my table. More than simply valuing it - I take a great deal of pride in ensuring that this is maintained, and will always be willing to fight for the rights of my players when it comes to feeling truly accepted and welcomed both at their individual table, and within my community at large. In order to further ensure that the community I foster is one of mutual respect, I make use of the Consent Checklist by Monte Cook Games, and the X-Card system for issues that might arise that weren't considered during onboarding. At the end of the day, your safety and your continued enjoyment of the game are what I value most.

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