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Thor Goodman

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21 years
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20 years
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230 games

About me

Hello! GM Thor here! Forever GM of 2 decades, master of fun. I know the rules, and I know when they need to be bent. Storytelling is the focal point of most games I run. Although I've done my fair share of crunchy combat games, I shine when players are expecting to collaborate in a fantastic story. Master of silly voices, champion of improvisation, herald of the "rule of cool" and willing to adapt to what my players want.

GM style

Players can expect a top-notch session every time. I provide things such as, but not limited to; - A hefty DnDbeyond Library - Always on Forge Foundry hosting - An active and growing discord community - Quality-of-life enhancements to make your Virtual Tabletop as lively as possible -Stunning battlemaps, animations, and sound effects to bring your games to life -A responsible, mature GM who practices safety tools to insure each player feels valued and included regardless of experience, skill, expression or neurodivergence- all are welcome!


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