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Amber Campbell

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(She/her) Hi! I've been playing for 6 years now, DM'ing nearly all of them. I cut my teeth on D&D 3.5e, transitioned to Pathfinder and PF2, and have been DMing 5e for about 2.5 years now! I've introduced 50+ people to D&D and to TTRPG gaming in general. I love storytelling, so Theater of the Mind is my preference. Pick me for a good time! $5/hour on MWTh, $7.50/hour on F/Sa. I don't currently take Su/Tu games.

GM style

DMing for 5 years and cutting my teeth on D&D 3.5, I tend to be a little rules crunchy and lean more towards the rules and Rules As Written (RAW). I find that people who play with me appreciate that as they see it as 'fair', though I try to find places in my games where rules can be bent to allow for interesting moments or interactions. I also heavily modify rules if I find them to be unfair or not all-encompassing. To that end, I very heavily use the DragonLite rules on DMsGuild. However, I'd say that I tend to design games towards a 20-80 roleplay to combat interaction. I also tend towards in-party roleplay, as in I find ways to reflect the situation or questions back into the party to discuss amongst themselves. But I also enjoy conversation and banter with my players; I'm not a robot! The most important part of any campaign, to me, is Session 0. Setting and managing expectations is the most crucial element to any prolonged, enclosed exposure to other people. If you know what you're getting into ahead of time and can manage your expectations around that, you're going to have a much better and more fun time. This can mean anything from the tone of the campaign (Silly Out of Character banter vs Serious Roleplay) to safety tools. For games that are designed for one specific group, I'll have a Session 0 ahead of any campaign. For games that are more for dropping in and out week to week, I'll have something typed up ahead of time for anyone trying to come in to read and review before they start so they'll know what they're getting into ahead of time. Also, my campaigns are currently exclusively over Discord voice chat, so if you're interested in joining or creating a campaign with me, be sure to have a working microphone!


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