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About me

Hey! I am Travis, and I love running D&D! I don't believe my experience matters, but it does to some, so, here goes. I've been playing RPGs since the Fall of 07', and have been DMing since Spring of 12'. I started with crunchy games, like Pathfinder 1e, D&D 3.5v, and GURPS, but discovered 5e is more suitable to my style. I grew up playing with three grognards, and much of my DMing style is built on the bones of their DMing styles. I am a new school DM with an old school flair!

GM style

My GMing Style is very free-form. I do research on adventures and let the players decide the direction of the campaign. I love going off on tangents to see what lies beyond the next corner, and I am not afraid to throw away weeks of work to accommodate for a new direction from the players. As a huge fan of encounter design, I provide interesting challenges (which doesn't mean they're harder, just more intense) to engage players in combat. It is rare to hear a player is bored by the combat in my game. Roleplaying is largely what steers the ship, and if players want to roleplay more than combat, I am happy to oblige. This method makes the game more natural and believable than the 33/33/33 method. I have baked this method in my GMing Style to provide more organic play.


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