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About me

"You are NOT in a tavern ..." With these words, I began my epic journey into the crazy, complicated, cool world that is the life of a Game Master. I discovered TTRPG's in college, and quickly found myself totally addicted. My background is in entertainment - I lived in the chorus room in high school, studied opera in college, and I've basically made a living pretending to be other people (medieval peasant, pirate, etc) for most of my adult life. Role-playing games are my absolute favorite way to connect with friends, family, and strangers alike. To me there is nothing like the joy of coming together, rolling some dice, and telling an awesome story. Players at my table should expect a fun, safe, creative experience festuring character driven stories, intense combat, and memorable worlds. Want a quaggoth with a Russian accent? Done. An interdimensional magic shop of wonders? Check. How about a godlike fungus that whispers to the party's warlock through the void? You got it. No matter the tale, no matter the outcome, just be ready for laughs, groans, gasps, and cheers all around!

GM style

First things first, there are three rules at my table: 1. KEEP IT SAFE - I celebrate people of all walks of life. The rich storytelling that happens when people with differences come together is magical ... however, my table is not the place to put someone down for who they are, or what they believe. Period. 2. KEEP IT CLEAN - that is, do not use the table as the place where you dump your angsty issues on other people, particularly when it comes to sex. Romance, drama, and intrigue are all fantastic elements of any good story ... just don't interrupt the story by making us all sit around watching you work out your sexual frustration on a poor, unsuspecting NPC. 3. KEEP IT FUN - This will be a story we all tell together, meaning everyone should have their moment to shine. One of my jobs is to make sure that every player gets that chance in the way they want it. One of your jobs is to not rain on their parade. Remember the way to 'win' at roleplaying is to have everyone walk away thinking it was awesome ... so don't be the person who ruins it for another person. Other than that, a few notes on my GM style: - THERE'S NO 'RIGHT' WAY: There's lots of ways to roleplay at the table. Different people will have different ways to play their character. Some will do voices. Some will narrate in third person. Some will just let the dice roll. I encourage people to play their way, and not be afraid that their way is any worse or better than the person next to them. - THE RULE OF COOL: One of my favorite parts of roleplay is thinking outside the box. It is impossible for any system to have a proper mechanic for absolutely everything. So just because you don't have it on your character sheet, doesn't mean you are not allowed to do it. If you have an awesome idea, just ask! If it's within reason, I will always work with you. If I have to invent the mechanic on the fly, so be it. - IT'S MORE OF A GUIDELINE: I know there are rules for a reason. I get it. But to me, they are much like the Pirate's Code - more of a guideline than some immutable constant. If it makes sense to bend the rules to make something happen, I prefer to go with the flow. So if you're a hardcore rules lawyer, I am all about it ... but if the guy next to you is a little loosey goosey, let them live their best loosey goosey life. Be cool my dude.

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