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About me

Hey there, I'm Roxas! My passion for storytelling comes alive through tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and Vampire: The Masquerade. With 8 years Storytelling under my belt, I've found my true calling. Though I hold an associate's, a bachelor's, and a master's degree, at the end it was clear to me that my true calling was to be a Storyteller. I'm constantly working on my voice acting skills, diving into videos and training to make my NPCs and characters truly unforgettable. When not prepping for the next grand tale, you'll find me engrossed in D&D and VTM source books, soaking up every bit of lore. A bard at heart, don't be surprised if our sessions include a spontaneous musical number or two. Oh, and if you're a fan of Critical Role, we're already kindred spirits. So come along, and as always, don't forget to love each other!

GM style

My style is a healthy mix of role-play and combat. I use battle maps both for visual aids as well as all combat. I love to role-play and encourage all my players to stay in character as much as possible. I am great with character voices. I play a sandbox style world with a multitude of story threads. I try to play as closely to the rules as possible. But always go for the rule of cool over the rules as written if I think it makes sense. I never fudge the dice because I believe the integrity of the game is important and the randomness of the games it what makes it fun.

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