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Alec The Nomadic Nerd

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About me

Fun and lively DM travelling around the world in my self converted camper van! I run a YouTube channel for my adventures and DM Dungeons and Dragons games from the comfort of the great outdoors. I've been DMing games now for over 3 years two or thee times per week, With a long running campaign since the start and numerous short campaigns or one shots in between. I love it and my players have great fun investing in their characters or making crazy new ones for one shots. I use DnD beyond for character creation and share the books that I own with the players. I own the majority of them and will be getting the few I don't yet have in the coming months. Every session held somewhere different these games will explore either official source books that I have expanded with homebrew content or my own homebrew version of Sir Terry Pratchett's Discworld! Join me on the adventure as we do what we do best... Making it up as we go!

GM style

I do love me a good bit of RP! I do the voices for NPCs and inject personality and interest to the social situations. It has to be said playing with a group engaging and offering interesting solutions that they can choose to talk or fight their way out of is great fun! Combat in D&D can get bogged down sometimes, so I pluck up my combat sessions with interesting situations, changing stakes and tricky enemies. In my games you'll be Role Playing with each other and NPCs for a lot of the time, and when you do fight, I gotta make you earn that victory if you're to become the heroes of legend!


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