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Hey there! Veteran GM. Been playing since '83. Cut my teeth of Red Box D&D, but now I'm a Savage Worlds convert! While I enjoy many a good campaign, I've found a lot of love in running one-shots or other short adventures for both new and veteran players alike. My goal when I sit down at the table is to make sure we all leave with a great story told and memories that you carry for a very long time. We're all here to have fun, and it's a job I take very seriously. And also, I get that irony. I want to expand a bit more on new players. I really do love tables where folks are new and learning the rules. New players are the lifeblood of the hobby, and I want their experience to be one that makes them want to come back. This goes for new players in general and new players to Savage Worlds. I really live and breathe this hobby I've written for the industry off and on since '93, with publication credits with BattleTech, Shadowrun, AEG and others. I also produce two Actual Play podcasts for Fear the Boot, the RPG podcast. One is a Deadlands: Weird West podcast you can find at The other is a Deadlands: Noir podcast you can find at I'm also on two streams. One every other Wednesday where we are running through the a Savage Worlds version of "The Curse of Strahd" and the other is "East Texas University." A modern day horror game where we play college students at the aforementioned college.

GM style

While I'm not an authoritarian GM, I do feel I'm *running* the game. While I help direct the flow of the story, my players gotta bring their input. I can't build the story on my own. Players have fun and exciting ideas and I want to hear them! My overall philosophy when I approach the table is, "I can't wait to see how these players take what I made and make it more awesome."

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