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About me

I love storytelling, and think collaboration is the future of great, memorable tales. As a GM, I run loose and player-driven games, with a large repertoire of voices, a mixture hand drawn and digital maps, and a LOAD of detailed worldbuilding. If you want a GM to work with you, in and out of game, send me a message! Let's get gaming!

GM style

I enjoy creative and player driven Role-Play, with a great array of character voices at my disposal. In my games, combat serves the narrative, so you won't find that a combat encounter is purposeless - it may reveal a new plot hook, or hint at a growing threat. I love worldbuilding, so am always super excited to tailor my world, plans, and ideas to your characters. I run a freeform game, usually in sandbox styles - but have experience running all manner of adventures. Special interests of mine include maps, religion, and flavorsome description. Most of all, I want to see my players doing cool stuff that we make work together.


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