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About me

My name is Gray, and I sincerely hope to welcome YOU to my one of my D&D 5th Edition Campaigns on Roll 20 and DISCORD in a place I call "The Gray Area"! Running D&D campaigns IS my full-time job. I run several paid games each week both online and in person at a local comics-&-hobby-shop. A little bit about myself and my experiences - I am a professional game-master with over 35 years of experience running games, having begun when I was just a pre-teen boy and would DM for the other kids in my grade school, way back when D&D was only a paperback, magazine sized, rule-booklet that came in a thin red box with a cheap set of non-color-matched dice! Yep… it's been a LONG time since then!
       All of this time spent running games has allowed me to hone my craft in a way few can. I love to use various accents that I add to my “radio voice” in order to bring a high level of realism to my games, and I draw on a deep body of knowledge of not just the rules or roleplaying or the various settings (which I’ve dedicated years to learning), but of various little tricks and strategies to make a campaign truly engrossing. 
       In addition to running games from many different editions and systems, from D&D 1st to 5th Edition, d20 Modern, Pathfinder, Rolemaster, and many others, I’ve also had other careers in the past which have contributed to my skills at making my games an immensely enjoyable experience for my players; careers such as having been a professional public speaker, a writer, a college-level teacher, and an academic with a doctoral degree in philosophy. While I have a wicked sense of humor that comes out in my games, there is also a surprising amount of depth, debatable moral questions the PC’s are forced to confront, and interesting situations that bubble up to the surface. 
       The reason I’ve stayed active in this hobby for so long is because I have an undeniable PASSION for D&D and other roleplaying games. I find these games to be more than a simple recreation. They bring people together and open up our minds to collective imagination in a way that few other activities do. That’s just one of the many reasons that I love D&D, and why I was so happy to connect with “The Bipolar Dice Roller”, perhaps better known just as “Rob”.
       Rob has built a Discord community of like-minded people who are truly passionate about roleplaying, just as I am. Being one of his players and dungeon masters really feels like being part of a special brotherhood/sisterhood that anyone who truly loves roleplaying would be fortunate to be a part of too. I certainly hope you’ll join the Bipolar Productions Server family, even if it's with one of the other fine professional game-masters who call the server home.
 So, I want to thank you VERY much for taking the time to look at my thread here on Start Playing.  I very much hope to hear from you via personal message to get you involved in one of my games.  Even if you're not going to be playing with me and my players, I still hope your adventures with Dungeons & Dragons are GREAT! All the Best DM Gray

GM style

Generally, the style of game I play is best described as balanced. I encourage character interaction, development and interpersonal roleplay. I have ample experience running efficient, challenging, and satisfying combat encounters as well. I try my best to immerse my players into the world in any way I can; helping to develop character backstories and then fitting that information into the campaign. I use rehearsed NPC voices and use fitting background musical accompaniment in my games. 

       This being said, I work for YOU and will do my very best to tailor my style to the general wishes of the group that is playing!
       Now then... the legal team we have on retainer here at Bipolar Productions Server has informed me that per the arrangement and conditions of my court-ordered probation due to my last campaign, I am strongly advised to make the following disclaimer. This campaign WILL be FILLED with ADULT HUMOR and what some may find to be highly OFFENSIVE CONTENT. If you are easily disgusted by off-beat material, POLITICALLY-INCORRECT and deeply illicit MONKEY-BUSINESS, asinine TOMFOOLERY, and virtual HORSEPLAY, or if you suffer from any known heart conditions, a weak stomach, or loose bowels... I am NOT the DM for you, and this is not the campaign you're looking for!
       IF, however, you enjoy the grittier side of D&D, full-frontal nudity, and enough fart jokes to gag a class of 4th-grade schoolboys, I would be honored to have you play with me! Honestly, I'm actually just tired of only playing with myself. Remember though, if you dare to join me, you have been warned. If you come to play one of my games even though you have no sense of humor for the types of things many find crude and offensive… well then, ”Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!” 
       BUT… please make NO MISTAKE about any type of hatred being disguised as a "sense of humor".  I allow absolutely NO jokes, insults, slurs, or aggression in regards to race, religion, politics, gender, sexual preferences, etc. There's simply no place for HATERS in my games.!

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