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About me

In the deep, dark abyss of the unknown, amidst the eldritch horrors that lurk beyond our comprehension, I stand tall as a professional Dungeon Master, guiding adventurers through the twisted labyrinths of the mind. With almost 2000 hours spent honing my craft, I have a particular affinity for the macabre and eerie, and my horror-themed campaigns will leave you trembling with both fear and delight. But fear not, dear adventurer, for while the dangers may be great, my style is one of light-hearted rule of cool, weaving an enchanting tale that leaves players with a fantastic and memorable experience. My passion for horror extends beyond my games, as I am also part of a small but inclusive horror-focused TTRPG community. I am a content creator, scenario writer, and item designer, always seeking to add cool mechanics to the game. I am currently crafting not one, but two books - one to enhance the game with thrilling new elements, the other a setting for a D&D campaign that will transport you to otherworldly realms. I welcome players of all skill levels, and take great pleasure in teaching new adventurers the ways of the tabletop. If you seek a more structured experience, I also run games on Fantasy Grounds Unity, offering additional framework to enhance your journey. My pronouns are she/her they/them, and I am pro-LGBTQ+ and neurodivergent, creating a safe and accepting environment for all. And should you seek something more intimate, I offer private scenes in play-by-post and voice sessions, with a thorough safety/consent checklist and kink preference survey to ensure your comfort. I'm committed to treating you just how you need. Join me, and together we shall journey to the very brink of sanity, and beyond. Discord server for our horror ttrpg community:

GM style

Rule of cool Horror Survival Consent Inclusive to all playstyle's and levels of play Inclusive to all expressions of self (LGBT+) voice-chat on discord

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