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About me

I’m Levi. I’ve been a DM for about ten years now, starting in Pathfinder 1e and eventually switching to Dungeons & Dragons. While I may not be quite as seasoned as some of the other DMs around here, I’ve been running games for friends, family, and strangers, and we have all thoroughly enjoyed the game. I like to focus on narrative, looking to intertwine my players’ characters into the story, making them feel like their decisions matter, not only for the narrative of the campaign, but matter to them. Because that’s the goal at the end of the day. A DM sitting alone with an entire world written up doesn’t have a story until heroes join the table. And that’s where you come in! Join me and let’s work together to create a one of a kind story. While I’ve done custom worlds before, I will be leaning more into published works from Wizards of the Coast. As I mentioned, my goal is to take a campaign you’ve always been interested in (or one you’ve played before) and make it unique to your character and the party. You will feel like your character isn’t just another hero in a rabble traveling through Faerun, but the main character of the story. I will be playing remotely, using virtual tabletops. I don’t like the idea of automating everything about the game, however, so, expect to bring your dice and roll them! I won’t be fudging my rolls on my end, and I expect honesty from my players (though, maybe not from their characters). Once we get started in a game, whether that’s a one-shot or a full campaign, I am only just a message away to answer questions or provide necessary information before or after a session. I’m happy to entertain all kinds of requests for specific games (even ones I don’t have set up) or one-shots. Just send me a message and let’s get something started! Here is a recommendation from one of my players (leaving them anonymous for privacy): “I have played several campaigns over 5+ years with Levi as DM. Whether Levi is creating an original story or following a book, every session is well prepared, detailed, and immersive. Levi gives life to NPCs and the world they live in. Levi gives players full control of the adventure and is great at improvising when the party throws him a curveball. Whether you've made it to level 20 or you're just learning your first cantrip, I highly recommend Levi as your next DM.“

GM style

“I would never tell you not to do something. You can certainly try.” The keyword for me is ‘flexibility’. I love to give my players autonomy in the game to make whatever decisions they feel is appropriate for their game. With that as my goal, I’ve become quite proficient at rolling with the punches and changing my style as needed. What’s more, I have experience running games at low-level through to high-level. At those higher levels, the spells and abilities the players get can sometimes shape reality itself. I need to be flexible if I’m going to keep up with the players. So, as the players decide to engage in combat in a place where I don’t have a map prepared, I’m proficient with running theater of the mind. If they’re going to stick to the story at large, I have a map for them. I love roleplay as well! When the heroes decide to make an unlikely ally out of that renegade goblin, I flesh out that NPC for them. Or, when they decide they don’t like some NPC as they’re written, I change them (within reason) to make them likable or replace them, whatever is best suited for the game. Needless to say, in my games, you will feel like your character has autonomy to do whatever they want.


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