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About me

Hello all! I'm Nolan, and I've been a Dungeon Master since 2018. I am passionate about Dungeons & Dragons, and have a particular fondness for the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. There's nothing I enjoy more than interactive storytelling and helping players bring their characters to life. I enjoy running games for both new and veteran players. My games are generally balanced between combat, exploration, and RP, though I am more than willing to adjust to the preferences of the table. I use Roll20, Discord, Zoom, and D&D Beyond, the latter of which I use to share content with my players. All backgrounds and orientations are welcome at my table. Outside of D&D, I am a husband and a father of three. I work in marketing, specifically video production, and love telling stories. I play bass guitar, enjoy beer of all kinds, and consider hunting whitetail deer to be a religious experience.

GM style

My primary goal is for you, the player, to have fun. I do generally follow RAW, and lean toward realism, but the "Rule of Cool" also has its place. I enjoy flawed characters and encourage players to RP those flaws. I try to make combat exciting and challenging, and want every encounter to feel meaningful. I will admit, I am not particularly good at NPC voices, but do my absolute best to make NPCs memorable and interesting. I come prepared to every session. That being said, players always surprise me (every DM can relate), and I love when I'm caught off-guard and have to narrate something I wasn't prepared for. Those moments often lead to the most fun, laughable, exciting points in a campaign.

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