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Micah Ables

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About me

Micah Ables is a 27 year old queer man born and raised in Portland, Oregon. After graduating from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in Fine Art Micah developed an absolute obsession with D&D. Combining all the different forms of creativity he loves; acting, writing, drawing, map making, game design, etc. D&D quickly became his biggest passion. Since delving into it he has written and published an adventure, DM’d two ongoing D&D games with friends, and begun writing a homebrew setting for D&D 5e as well as a high level adventure module! After a year of amazing homebrew games and tons of love and support from his players Micah has delved into the world of Professional Dungeon Mastering. As TheFabledAble™ Micah hopes to bring his passion for running games of D&D to as many people as possible. Woo! Let's play some D&D! My style of play is to meet the players at their level both as friend, referee, storyteller and guide. I love adding interesting npcs and interactions to the world based on the player characters backstory.

GM style

Getting Started Starting with session zero players will be informed of the rules of conduct for both safety reasons and to iron out any concerns people may have before, during and after play. Once those concerns have been discussed we will cover the very basics of what D&D is (the three pillars) and what to expect from a typical session from time committed to how many breaks there will be, etc. Players will talk about what parts of D&D most interest them, giving me the DM an idea of what everyone most wants to do in a session. Then we will discuss the campaign setting itself! While we may have already decided on a setting for our game ahead of time. The same adventure can be played a million ways depending on player creativity. So this is the perfect time to elaborate on what genres we all enjoy within the setting chosen. For instance, say we do a horror setting. What genre of horror are we all most intrigued by? Existential? Slashers? Hauntings? And what kind of story elements are we drawn to. Mystery? Political intrigue? Tense escapes? This feedback will help shape the early sessions so that you, the players, get what most hooks n’ engages you. Now that we have established player safety and the setting it's time for one of D&D’s most enjoyable moments. Character creation! For many new players this can be a daunting moment, but it doesn't have to be. With my help you will be guided through the development process of your very own dungeons and dragons original character. By asking you a series of questions to get the ball rolling we will pinpoint the kind of character you want to play as and what classes may make for a good complement to that character. Very quickly you will find the process snowballs as your character forms a more vivid picture in your mind with every option you take to build them. Once you have finished character creation you will have your very own character sheet! With all your abilities, and equipment listed all neatly on one handy interface. Playing the Game You arrive in a misty hamlet surrounded by tall trees cloaked in eerie fog. The townsfolk look tired and their gaunt expressionless faces speak volumes of local affairs. Nearing the hamlet’s tavern you spy a job board with but a single posting. “Seeking Adventurers: Vampires spotted within the Town Crypt. Reward 500 Gold” D&D is above all else a story of adventure where the party overcomes obstacles through collaboration and creativity. Either by sword, word or fireball you and your group of comrades will brave a fantasy world. solving mysteries, protecting townsfolk and foiling political shenanigans. Slaying both literal and figurative monsters. Using a very awesome web hosting platform I will endeavor to bedazzle you all with sound effects, ambiance and handpicked music; all on a simple web browser! Using D&D maps both made by me and by other creators I will attempt to fully immerse your senses in the setting. As you play and explore you will tell me what you would like to do. And then we will roll dice to see what happens, narrating and reacting to the results with a cheer! When a roll is failed do not lament! As villains make a slippery escape. As traps get triggered. As guards are alerted to your presence, a plot begins to thicken. For failure, as in life, is an important part of moving a story forward. As dungeon master I will guide you through the fun of failure, and how to brave it as both player and fantasy character alike!


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