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About me

Hey there, I'm Sebastian! I'm a professionally trained voice actor that loves running Pathfinder 2e games in a morally grey world. I love trying to get into the hearts and minds of my players to make them consider each action and the ripple effect it can have on what happens next, and mostly focus on Curse of Strahd due to familiarity with the module and a love of classic horror. I've run games for quite a few years now to great success, and have enjoyed every bit of it. And I follow the rule of horror needing comedy and respite or else it's no longer horror. Here's to a fun and spooky game!

GM style

Getting into the story and delving into the characterization of a party and how each member interacts with each other is one of my favorite parts of being a DM. I also enjoy making atmosphere that gets my players immersed in a scene enough to raise the stakes and get hearts pounding, and go so far as to use different NPC voices to make each NPC unique if possible. The characters, and players, are at the heart of a story and to that end I try my best to help them tell a great one.

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