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Christopher | The Dungeon Geek
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Christopher | The Dungeon Geek

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15 years
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About me

Hi there adventurer! I'm so glad that you're interested in joining my game. I'm Chris and I try hard to ensure every player in my games gets a truly memorable table top RPG experience. Regardless of how long you've played, I will dedicate plenty of time to make your investment special. I work with my players to tell amazing stories while using custom battle maps, premium music and sound. TTRPGs are for everyone! You deserve a professionally hosted game. Let's go on adventure!

GM style

I involve players to create rich player backstories and memorable character arcs by working with players to personalize campaigns. I specialize in running small groups (3-5) encouraging outgoing, exciting, face paced gameplay. I am an experienced stage and voice actor. I bring my game design skills in game to challenge new and old players with customized monsters and tactical combats.


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