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About me

Hi Intrepid Heroes! You can call me Jon Ransom, a.k.a The Doctor, and I'm a devout nerd through and through. My passions are many and among them are: Dungeons & Dragons; Doctor Who; Avatar: The Last Airbender; Cowboy Bebop; Studio Ghibli; as well as Dimension 20 to name but a few. Dimension 20 is what actually propelled me on the path of playing and running Dungeons & Dragons. I started watching their first campaign 'Fantasy High' years ago and have been absolutely hooked ever since. What isn't there to love in a D&D game? Personally, I'm a big fan of the role playing, the fierce and unrelenting combat, the interpersonal politics of diverse parties, and just the sheer fun and joy of it all. I got into actually playing just under a year ago, but the devotion and commitment that I bring to my game table is unparalleled. I have been playing in no less than 3 different long-running campaigns every week for the past year, having clocked over 1,000+ hours of gameplay. I started DMing for close friends at my home at the start of this year, and it has proven to be such a wonderful time being on the other side of the DM screen. I know what it's like to be a first-time player and the nervousness that comes with it. I aim to provide a cool, relaxed environment to explore and role play in while not having you stress about trivial stuff that gets in the way of a fun session. Rule of Cool as they say. A professional voice actor I am not but that's not stopping me from attempting incredibly silly voices and accents. We're here to laugh it up, share some stories, be the heroes we see in our heads, and go on epic quests. Hopefully you'll join me on one? "Never be cruel, never be cowardly. And never ever eat pears! Remember – hate is always foolish…and love is always wise. Always try to be nice and never fail to be kind.”

GM style

I'm a big fan of role play and nothing's better than watching a shy player fully become their character. At the same time, I also love big combat set pieces where each character is utilizing every aspect of their abilities in a knock-down, drag-out battle. I feel like a great session involves a healthy balance of the two where one isn't outshining the other. I have a thorough knowledge of the rules and mechanics of gameplay but at the same time allow for improvisation and creativity during my games. If what you want to do isn't too far out of the realm of possibility, I'll allow the dice to tell the story. It certainly can make for some epic and hilarious moments. The ultimate goal is to have fun, folks! So let's roll them dice!


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