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About me

Hello and welcome. I'm Chris and for whatever reason you've arrived at my profile (Was it the elf ears? I heard a rumor that all the best DMs have elf ears.) Whatever the reason, I'm glad you're here. I shall throw the extended backstory a bit farther down for those who are interested but I'll get to the point. I love storytelling and I especially love collaborative storytelling. I'm not here to tell you some story I wrote. I'm here to help you tell me yours. I'm the stage, the building blocks, the bright lights and the set dressing. I am also the bit players with silly voices, the scrimbly goblins, and questionably quirky shopkeepers but my games are about you. Your character, your story, and the journey you want to take. The moments that get remembered are never the fights I plan or the big bad evil guy speech (I will try to keep the edgy monologuing to a minimum..... most of the time). The best moments have always been the players and the choices I could never predict or expect. Whether it's your first game ever or if you're a long time veteran I would be honored to have us sit down at the table and forge an adventure together. Now for the aforementioned backstory: I had wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons for years before I ever actually did. Start playing didn't exist yet so it was a long time before I was able to find a good group and have a few games. Finally all those YouTube videos and DND podcasts I had consumed would pay off. Then the quarantine started and my potential game ended before it could even begin. But I wasn't done yet, I had hit dice left (if you don't know what those are I'd be happy to teach you). I called up some friends, people who had never played before. Friends who weren't sure if they would like something "so nerdy". I offered to DM, convinced them to try it out, one game a month, just to see. So I gathered my pile of scrawled notes, some minis, a completely unnecessary DM screen and we played. A week later I got a message "We've been talking and we don't have anything on, we could do a session every two weeks". At the end of the next session they casually remarked that this was so much fun they wished they could do it every week... And as five hungry sets of eyes looked at me through my screen I knew they were hooked.... Which was good because so was I. Since then it has been a slippery slope of DMing, followed by larping (Hence the profile picture) and recently STing (larping version of DMing) and I have loved every moment of it. It's a large part of why I'm here. Not just because I enjoy DMing way too much. I love seeing what different people come up with (it always amazes me just how creative people are when they have the freedom and encouragement to do so), its also because I want to make sure people who want to try this absolutely amazing game get the chance to and that their first experience is everything they dreamt it could be. Thanks for getting this far! If you did I hope you'll join one of my games! I promise you won't regret it!

GM style

I like to have a good mix of roleplay and combat. With lots of opportunities for player agency. Some puzzles sprinkled in as well. I attempt to do voices (results may vary), and roleplay as much as possible. It can be a bit daunting to get into at first, but once you get past that initial awkwardness it can be so much fun. I like to create custom storylines while carving up official adventures for parts and putting my own spin on them. All the while integrating character backstories and an overarching plot. I love when my players come up with creative solutions or do things I don't expect. I enjoy and am pretty good at improvising and the rule of cool trumps all. (For those of you who are new it means the rules are more of a guideline). I generally host character sheets on D&D beyond and am currently using Talespire for some of the maps and tables. I will also mix them with a webcam and some physical grid based maps and minis at times, as well as theatre of the mind and other VTTs as needed. Before a campaign starts I like to sit down with the players individually for a bit to do a private session 0 before session 1 to flesh out your character and come up with some secrets that you can choose when and how to share with the other players (or keep your secrets if you want! Though someone might come looking for answers.... dun dun dunnnn) Its a great opportunity to talk about what you're hoping to get out of the game as well as answer any questions you may have. I want my players to feel comfortable and included. I am neurodivergent and have ADHD and my games are LGBTQ+ friendly. The safety measures I use are listed in my campaigns. Any kind of racism, sexism, discrimination or otherwise inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. I like to talk about boundaries and content warnings before games, and get feedback on what my players liked and disliked and want more of. The only way I can get better if is I know what went well and what needs work. I am happy to help answer any questions you may have. Feel free to reach out if you're on the fence about signing up for a game, or want more information and thank you if you read this far!

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