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John "The Gneech" Robey
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2 years on StartPlaying

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Highly rated for: Voices, Storytelling, World Builder

About me

I started playing in 1981 with the Holmes Boxed Set, moved on to Tunnels & Trolls and CHAMPIONS from there, and now have come full circle to be primarily into D&D again, go fig! I've written for Mage: The Ascension and West End Games' "World of Indiana Jones," I'm an award-winning webcomic creator, and a relentlessly-creative dude. I've run tons of different games, in different genres, with different systems, and use all that to create fun twists and compelling characters. LGBTQ+ friendly, proud to be a furry, never met a tabaxi rogue I didn't like.

GM style

I strive to create campaigns that blend fun and adventure with genuine emotional connections and creative flexibility. Roleplaying and interactions with characters (NPCs or fellow PCs) in a "living world" take precedence (and yes, I have been known to bust out silly voices when appropriate). I like combat and other action to be snappy and exciting, with daring adventurers overcoming harrying foes. Character deaths are rare, but have been known to happen from time to time. AT MY TABLE, PLEASE DO: -Respect and support your fellow players (including me!) -Create characters who you think will be fun to play, whether or not they are mechanically optimal -Create characters who are motivated to join the adventure and be part of the team, even if it's in a grumbly way -Take the fiction of the shared world seriously, even during the funny moments -Bring up any concerns either in-game or privately with me, instead of letting bad feelings linger PLEASE DO NOT: -Participate, encourage, or stand silent in the face of harassment, bullying, abusive, or creepy behavior -Tell other players what or how they should play, unless specifically asked for suggestions -Play evil, "edgy," or trollish characters or anyone whose actions need to be justified by "But that's what my character would do." -Create "drop zone" characters who don't fit the setting or feel of the game, whether that's a Klingon running around Middle-earth, or a joke or meme character such as "Farty McFartface" -Stay silent to "just get along" if something is bothering you Now! Come join us for tales of high adventure!


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