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Some may have chosen the life of a forever DM I however wasn't given such a luxury as choice. I was given a week to create a world and learn the 3.5 edition of Dungeons and Dragons. Yes, not only did I have to DM but I had to learn the system in that week. Don't worry my studying for an English degree remained unscathed for the most part. That was over a decade ago... I have happily continued to serve as GM for my friends and strangers alike. The pandemic changed much such as the avenue of play so Roll20 and Discord came in and allowed me to become GM for people abroad. Now? Now I bring my talents to you.

GM style

I do love role playing but I am adaptable as well so I can adjust to a kick down the suckers door type game, both have their moments in their own right. As for rules I like to stick close to what the book says but "Rule of Cool" can make me ignore them. That being said sometimes the rules don't make sense or something breaks the rule and I will happily address them in a way that feels good for everyone. I tend to do most theater of the mind but if we need maps I will happily create them as needed. I like a bit of dark in my worlds and people have played with me will tell you that victory can come at a cost or my not come at all. Deaths aren't unfair but sometimes do happen. With the above being said generally I keep my games around a PG13 rating myself, player action of course could raise that rating. So if you like the sound of this get a hold of me and lets play a game sometime.


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