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About me

Hallo and well-met, I’m Leo McNaughton! As a National Honor Thespian born and raised on RPGs, I’ve had over a decade of experience as a GM. I’m a big fan of a swords-and-sorcery feel to my games. Creator and illustrator of the OSR-inspired RPGs Expendable Scoundrels and Freeholds & Firedrakes. Currently Kickstarting my latest module, The Baleful Barrow of Thieves. Happy to take requests, as I enjoy designing new settings to suit player interests!

GM style

I enjoy a bit of swords-and-sorcery flair to my games, being a fan of that side of good ol’ Appendix N. I often do character voices, so I can put my years of acting and dialectical work to good use. When it comes to campaigns, my general tactic is to do a great deal of world-building behind the scenes during and following session zero, and once I’ve got a solid basis to work with, I run my sessions in a much more improvisational style. This means that I’m well-prepared to run an open world experience! I’m a fan of rôleplaying and exploring intra-party dynamics, as well as occasional dream sequences to get a look at the interior lives of the PCs. I am happy to introduce beginners and entertain players from the days of THAC0nian grandeur alike. Your enjoyment is my priority!

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