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About me

Heyo! I'm Tara! I have been playing RPG's since I was a teenager, I founded the club at my high school and I was a public GM at my Local Game store for 5 years! I love introducing people to the space! I consider us to be collaborators in storytelling, I want you to feel like your character mattered and made an impact on the world. Often former Player Characters will make an appearance and leave permanent marks on the game world - I would love for your character to be one of them! Mostly I run D&D 5e with lots of 3rd party content and homebrew. I love sparking a player's creativity, my favorite moments in any game happen when the players think up a solution or a bit of lore or backstory that i never could've thought up on my own! It's why I love DMing! I am a trans femme person with ADHD from the southeastern US, I highly value a respectful and safe community for LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and neurodivergent folk and I strive to make sure my community is that.

GM style

Many styles of play, character arcs, politics, tactics & strategy, horror, downtime, & sandboxing are all things I tune up or down based on player input! What to always expect: Collaborative Storytelling & Worldbuilding Immersive Roleplay Engaging Tactical Combat Premium Battlemaps and Tokens in Foundry VTT Lots of help for new people. Big chillin with your new homies

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