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Hi, My name is Tamas! I started roleplaying in the mid 90s then after about a 10 year hiatus returned to it as a GM. I invite you to join me to experience a grand adventure! I ran a myriad of indie systems to explore the innovations they have to offer then narrowed the list down to a few carefully picked games that bring the table the best experience. I have introduced a lot of new players to ttRPGs in general and to specific systems as well and as such I have a lot of experience in walking players through new systems in an entertaining and efficient way so that we can get to the adventuring as quick as possible. I think we can only have fun if everyone at the table is having fun. As such I place a huge emphasis on inclusivity and do my best to accommodate players of all backgrounds. When not running RPGs or creating terrain, I study Tai Chi Chuan and Chinese Medicine - as such the homebrew world I created for my fantasy games are influenced by oriental and SE Asian culture and folklore. If you are interested in discovering a new world or explore your character during play, hop on board and let's have a game together.

GM style

I like to explore the character through play, put them in front of difficult choices, give them space to develop or devolve. I prefer sandbox type games where the players can create their own goals and are the main drive of the story. I enjoy roleplay most of all, creative solutions and clever use or resources, exploration over- or underground and moral dilemmas. I would love to see your character grow, get stronger and overcome difficult situations. I am not into PvP as a player or as a GM. Individual characters having secret agendas, playing against the group, sabotaging other characters because we don't like their class/alignment is not something I enjoy and as such you won't find it in my games. I have zero tolerance towards bigotry or harassment of any sorts around the table. We can only have fun together if we are all having fun.

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