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About me

"Welcome adventurers! Stay a while, and listen . . ." I've been playing and running tabletop for some fifteen years now. From D&D to the World of Darkness and various shades of (Powered by) the apocalypse, I've enjoyed delving into worlds of fantasy, horror, and intrigue with friends, family, and now strangers. Tabletop gaming isn't just a great hobby. I've built communities with it, and made friendships that have spanned continents. So, whether you want to navigate the web of intrigue in a murderous court, explore the dark alleys of a dangerous urban sprawl, or settle in for some good old dungeon delving, I invite you to gather round the fire (or computer), grab your dice, and lose yourself in a Tailored Fable, just for you.

GM style

The wonder of tabletop games is in the true freedom of choice they provide. A computer game, no matter how lovingly crafted, has you choose from a finite number of options. Not so in this hobby! Player agency is the name of the game. Of course, some structure helps to move things along, but my aim is to give the players a world open to their imagination. Their choices will have consequences, but the trials of the campaign are theirs to fall to or overcome as they see fit. My favored genres for roleplaying games include horror, dark/low fantasy, and high fantasy. I enjoy blending elements from popular culture with classics like mythology, and collaborating with players to make the world and their characters come to life.

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