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About me

Hello, friends! I've been running TTRPGs since 3e D&D and regular games online since 2020. My first love is D&D, but I now run Blades in the Dark, MÖRK BORG, and Forbidden Lands, among others. I'm also the owner/operator of Tabletop Bookshelf, an independent online bookstore specializing in tabletop RPGs, including many independent and crowdfunded titles. Check out the social links, we've always got new titles coming into the shop, and I'm happy to share my knowledge and experiences with anything in the collection. Thematically I lean towards fantasy, horror, and post-apocalyptic stories, but I also believe laughter is a crucial part of any gaming table. Expect thrills, mystery, and laughs! I aim to create a safe and inclusive environment where all players can feel comfortable and fully immersed in the game. I take this quote from MÖRK BORG's licensing text to heart: "... avoid sexist, racist, homophobic and transphobic tropes and themes in your content. There's plenty of that crap in the real world already."

GM style

I believe TTRPGs work best when characters, worldbuilding, and game mechanics collide in unexpected, exciting, even profound ways. Underneath all of this is trust, and I work with my characters to build the trust and conditions to make the big moments happen. Rules: I stay close to rules as written, but pacing is paramount for me. I don't want to let the game get bogged down in page turning, and I'll use my experience to make a quick and fair ruling that the group agrees to keep things moving. For scenarios outside of the rules, I like to let the dice decide. I keep my rolls public in most cases and don't (can't!) fudge the dice. Combat: I try to be fair and consistent referee/judge in combat, but I will gladly reward clever improvisation, providing advantages to characters who think outside the box. Roleplay: I'm comfortable slipping into voices, from a haughty high elf to a tortle with a southern drawl, and I may even get you to laugh at one of my stupid jokes. Exploration/Worldbuilding: I aim to create imaginative, immersive, consistent worlds where danger is real and choices matter, oftentimes supported by professional maps and illustrations.


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