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Bridgett (Symphony)

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Bridgett (Symphony)she/her

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4 years
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About me

My name is Bridgett. I am a self-employed African American woman who resides in Columbus, Ohio! I majored in Religion & Classics at the Florida State University. Twelve years later, I work in the pet services industry (jokes on me, right?). So, how do I utilize my degree and accompanying four year out of state tuition? Gaming. I write and run horror roleplaying games under my gaming club and company, Symphony Entertainment Gaming & Arts. The vast majority of my games have a strong historical influence and a diverse selection of characters. Gaming, much like history, tends to be whitewashed. If you’re sitting down at one of games, you’ll hopefully leave horrified, but you’ll definitely walk away with a piece of non-filtered history. I am a story driven, character focused and combat light GM. These are your stories to tell, so I am very supportive of player agency. I'm here to support the story that you're looking to tell. I have a scenario published in the Bayt Al Azif Magazine for Cthulhu Mythos and I have a Silver Best Seller scenario on the Mistaktonic Repository (DriveThruRPG).

GM style

I have a naturally upbeat personality! As a GM, I am story focused, character driven and investigative heavy. I want to support your decisions in character and I want to support you as both a player and character. I am combat light and tend to play rules light as well.

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