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I've been running campaigns for the last 15 years. I currently have been running 2 campaigns simultaneously One with 4 players and another with 8 players. Both are going rather well and I'd like to help bring some new people into the world of Dungeons and Dragons. There are many ways to play and 6 of my 12 players are in the game for the first time and having a blast. I have some very basic rules to keep the game fun for everyone, I can host games for any age even kids as i also run games for my own children 6 and 8. Every game I run is catered to each individual player. Many of my player characters that have retired or completed their adventures live on as NPC's my worlds are eternal and full of lasting consequence.

GM style

My games play hard but fair. I like to leave clues and let players consume the story at their own pace. I tend to have 4 or 5 layers of story going on and you can choose to enjoy any or all of those. Every single game I run is built around the characters playing it. Since it is very difficult to die in 5th edition I do run a small but real chance that your character may undergo permanent physical change. It is not uncommon for a warrior to loose a limb, For books of spells to burn, Or weapons to shatter at an inopportune time during the course of their adventures. The progression of each level tends to be slow and steady. I consider the first 4 levels to be your "tutorial". I find the under level 15 gameplay to be the most "Heroic" after level 16 we move into a new type of game of "World crafting" My campaigns are meant to end around level 12 but of course players are free to choose when or if they want to end their campaign.

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