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About me

Hey everyone! I'm Swapper, your friendly neighbourhood abomination that's totally not a vampire who solely subsists on tea, I swear. You wanna know the way I run my games? Above all, I value enjoyable, safe games where everybody can come together and tell a story. No posturing, no my-numbers-are-better-than-yours, no murderhoboing, just a good, enjoyable story. I've been a gm for about four years now and if there's one way I would describe my games it's this: Everybody wants something. The barkeep, the player characters, and even the horses. I've played enough videogames to know the feeling when the game lets you down because an NPC didn't react to something they - by all rights - should have reacted to. That's what I want to avoid in my games, those brick walls of "Sorry you can't do that" and "That's not what's supposed to happen right now".

GM style

I love it when there are emotional stakes attached to the situation, not just because of death, but because people the PCs might like could be upset with them, or in danger. Something that, admittedly, happens subtly but surely, in the style of game that I run. If there's one genre I really like, it's mystery-horror. Because I can't count very well and also I could never really pin myself down to just one genre. Every action should have consequences, good ones or bad ones. I do my best to make every NPC believable and fun to interact with, without taking away the player's role as the protagonists of the story. I can easily navigate the rules of every system I run, although I don't really like deep-diving into them. Nor do I love binging through 500+ pages of rules and restrictions cause "actually, that feature is only available to that race", or "the lore on page 2312 actually states that...". Instead, I will make up a coherent solution on the spot and retcon later if necessary. It mostly isn't, though.

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