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Mike Christensen (SupergeekMike)

2 years on StartPlaying

31 games hosted

Highly rated for: Inclusive, Storytelling, Creativity

Average response time: 4 hours

Response rate: 100%

About me

I’m Mike Christensen, and I want to run your favorite game of D&D! I’ve been playing for 15 years and DMing for more than a decade. I've run published campaigns, completely homebrew campaigns built around the player characters, games based on movies or TV shows, one-shots, and everything in between! I want to create the game you want to play in! Do you want realism where life is cheap and death is behind every door? I've got you! Want a heroic fantasy game where you're the heroes in a story tailored to your backstories? I love those stories! Want to play through a specific published adventure? I want to do that, too, let's do that together! I especially love introducing games to new players, so if you are new to the hobby I would love to be your guide! I also have a D&D YouTube channel called “SupergeekMike” full of lessons for DMs and players, so if you want to know more about me, that's a great place to learn what I'm like :)

GM style

I love to lean into role playing, using fun voices and passable accents. I like to build an atmosphere using music, handouts, and colorful descriptions. I have plenty of experience both running games in theater of the mind, where we describe the action verbally, as well as running games with maps and miniatures/tokens, so I can also provide whichever style you prefer! I want the players to try cool things and use their abilities whenever possible, so I tend to be very open to whatever players want to attempt. I also give out inspiration often, especially for good role-playing, clever problem-solving, or fun moments of characterization. I don't expect my players to do voices, and if all you want to do is roll dice and kill things, that's fine with me! But if you are willing to play your character (especially in a way that keeps things interesting and keeps the adventure moving), I'm happy to reward you with Inspiration!


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