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About me

Hello there, fellow nerds. My name is Dan and I am a life-long GM who would love to run a campaign for you. I have been GMing games since D&D 3rd edition, kept going through 3.5, then Pathfinder 1e, and now both Starfinder and Pathfinder 2e. I genuinely love nerding out about ttrpg mechanics, but the most important thing is story. Well, actually, story is the second most important thing. The number one most important thing is that my players are having fun. Fortunately, as far as I'm concerned, the three usually go hand in hand. Lately, I have been running Paizo's wonderful pre-written adventure paths, but with plenty of homebrew and customizing to my players' backstories, motivation, etc. I will work with you before the game starts to help you build your character as little or as much as you'd like, and will provide players guides which will allow you to make characters perfect for the plot, if you so choose, by going over some common themes, factions, regions, etc, that might show up during the campaign. Even if you don't tie your character into any of these prompts, I will still find a way to weave everyone's character arcs and the main plot together, so that we may tell a story all our own. Even though these adventures are pre-written, I allow room for creative problem solving at any point. If the book doesn't have the answers you need or didn't consider the path you choose to take, I will make it work through a combination of homebrew, improv, and experience. Over the years, I have taught many people how to play these (and similar) games, and absolutely welcome players entirely new to role-playing games. That said, you old grognards are welcome, too. Whatever your experience level, I can't wait to adventure with you!

GM style

I love story. Everything else is in service to constructing a good story as a group. That said, story comes from the dice and the mechanics as well as the roleplay. I like to stick to the rules for the most part, but I'm generous when it comes to following the rule of cool and homebrewing unique character options to help you make the specific character you envision, while maintaining difficulty and balance. I believe stakes make the game, and strive to maintain an appropriate level of difficulty, but I am always rooting for the players. (Even if sometimes I may pretend to be on the side of the baddies for effect.) I also absolutely adore doing voices, and occasionally even use some voice editing or modulation, if I want to get something beyond my usual range.


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