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Hello all! My handle is Strifey and my singular passion is for ‘The Curse of Strahd’ campaign module which I have ran succesfully several times. I specialize in storytelling and building expansive narratives throughout this campaign, so therefore your enjoyment of the game will be my top priority. The psychological thriller setting and expansive horrors intrigue me, especially when watching how players react to certain scenarios. I prefer teaching new players, guiding them towards a better understanding of the game and watching them transform from their humble beginnings into the mightiest of heroes that they can possibly be. Patience is the key to understanding my players hopes and dreams for their characters and I will accommodate their desires to the best of my ability.

GM style

Roleplaying: I enjoy a rather robust roleplaying session between myself and the players. I feel it adds depth and binds everyone into the mind set of their characters as they interact with me. Combat: Watching players use tactics to their advantage during battles fills me with pride as I witness them become more adaptable to the ongoing challenges I present before them. Unusual strategies and quirky move sets make for a humorous time during fights and I often reward such out of the box thinking with points of inspiration. NPC Voices: Shifting my voice tone to suit certain NPC's is something I do on the regular. My favourite character to voice is actually an elderly woman. Dice Transparency: I allow my players to see the NPC's dice rolls during combat, so that they know first hand that "The dice can giveth, and the dice can taketh away" during battle. I feel it provides a sense of accomplishment to the players when they overcome a challenging enemy, and they know that I have not manipulated the outcome behind the GM screen in any way, shape or form.

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