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Are you looking for a super relaxed DM with Storytelling AND Customer Service chops to run your D&D campaign? Look no further! As a pro DM, my top priority is that everyone has a great time while also conjuring up compelling characters and challenging combat for all to enjoy. I really love nothing more than weaving a great story and I make sure that everyone has a chance to shine at the table so that each of you can bring YOUR stories to life. You are the heroes, not me. You can always expect a nice blend of combat, exploration, and RP at all of my tables! I'm all inclusive and do keep in mind that bullying or bigotry of any sort will not be tolerated at my tables. Intolerance and negative behavior will be met with swift dismissal without a refund and without remorse. As my player reviews attest, it's all about the good vibes during our weekly bouts of fantasy violence! For safety protocols, I have a professional history as an in-game support lead for online MMO's... along with over a decade of bartending so I have no problem recognizing potential situations and addressing them in a timely manner. My contributions to your table: -Epic Lore with 40 years of Dungeons and Dragons knowledge. I was literally beaten up in the 80's so you could play this game today! -Legendary DND Beyond Subscription. ALL the D&D books for you to browse for free at your leisure! -Above VTT Mastery. Totally free browser plugin that is seamless with the official site! -Customer Care with a background in video games, television, storyboarding, theater, fine art, bartending, and customer support! **TL;DR: if you want a warm, funny table with a professional DM who has a deep well of stories to share... grab a seat!!**

GM style

My style mostly covers both grim and fantastic scenarios balanced with shocking comedy and meaningful choices. Pop-culture jokes, a pulp vibe, and the occasional slapstick or pun can be delivered on demand; but I generally get a feel for the table and see what style everyone prefers. Roleplay and voices are highly encouraged at the table but completely optional. Once I know what everyone is comfortable with, I can tailor the tone for the group and ensure everyone is engaged and having a great time. Cameras are off so that we can focus on our shared imaginations. I enjoy using voices and have some experience in theater and film. I'm definitely not a voice actor, but I always make an educated effort to ensure your adventures are entertaining and immersive! Speaking of adventure, I can run all published adventures for D&D as-is or add plenty of custom content into the mix. I also like to flip the published adventures slightly, so that any returning players will still get plenty of surprises and a new twist on older content. Last but not least; I aim to make everyone at the table have a healthy laugh at least once a session... after all we play games to have fun. Grab a seat and let's game!

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