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About me

🌟 Welcome Adventurer! I'm Oliver, the wizard weaving tales in the enchanting 18th Century Folklore games - The Storymaster's Tales, and Cthulhu Parlour. 🧙‍♂️ 🏆 A proud two-time recipient of the Online Live-Action Role-Playing Game of the Year Award in 2021 & 2022. Embark on a mesmerising journey in the mystical land of Threatlore, where magic, monsters, and mystery await. 🌌 What sets our games apart is the infusion of real theatre sets, captivating filmed locations, and immersive soundscapes—all elements that have contributed to the success of our best-selling games. Feel like cosplaying? Absolutely! 🎭 We believe in full immersion and unbridled escapism to make your gaming experience truly unique. Our quests unfold using a straightforward storytelling RPG mechanic, ensuring that it's not just quick to learn, but a riveting experience that will captivate both novice and seasoned players alike. 📜✨ But there's more! We encourage you to cosplay and really get into your characters. Use props, costumes, and backgrounds to really help create something incredible. 🌈 What to expect. Narrative and character-driven stories. 📖 Mysteries and dilemmas. 🕵️‍♂️ Role-playing immersion, not Rule playing. 🎭 Super simple RPG system (sent free to you before the game). 📚 Very low combat. ⚔️ Theatre-style sets, multi-media films, and soundscapes. 🎬🎶 Theatre of the Mind RPG. 🧠 A huge amount of fun, and inclusion. 🎉

GM style

I've developed a very inclusive, accessible, but absorbing method of combining RPG, LARP, and Cosplay. Using multimedia, sets, voice-overs, and character voices, you will find yourself on a unique adventure you will remember for the rest of your life. 📖 BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY📖 Delve into the enchanting realms of Folklore brought to life! Whether you're new to the mystical arts or a seasoned adventurer, our patient guide ensures a seamless experience through this extraordinary quest. 🫶 IMMERSE IN ROLEPLAY🫶 In our worlds, character evolution unfolds through vivid roleplay, transcending mere dice rolls. Engage with fellow travellers, interact with intriguing NPCs, and witness the ripple effects of your actions. 💚 SAFE HAVEN OF PLAY💜 Every adventurer deserves a haven. Our table is a sanctuary, fostering respect and love for all. 🌟 PREFERENTIAL ODYSSEYS🌍 Savour original content in sandbox campaigns, where player interactions shape the narrative. Invest in your character, encounter captivating NPCs, and witness the power of your choices. ⛈ ECHOES OF CHOICES🌈 Your actions resonate in our world—every decision is a ripple. The cause and effect principle governs, ensuring a dynamic adventure where your every move matters. 🧛‍♀️ INTRIGUING NPC'S & VILLAINS🕵️‍♂️ Encounter a spectrum of characters, from the mysterious to the downright whimsical. Each is brought to life with unique voices and distinctive personas that add depth to the world. 📚 BALANCED RULES & THE RULE OF COOL📘 Rules serve as guides, but the essence lies in the story's enjoyment. A balanced approach ensures that if it's cool, it's embraced. The dice gods will determine destiny. Your Tale📖 awaits, so let the Dice🎲 decide your destiny!

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