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About me

Im a 32 year old a professional illustrator. I do some work in the world of TTRPGs and boardgames. You may have seen some of my work in Traveler, Sandy Petersen's Cthulu Mythos, or Timelancers, to name a few! I'm also an amateur game designer, a part time bartender, and a decent karaoke singer. I live in Savannah, GA with my wonderful girlfriend and two cats. When not drawing, gaming, or working I like to cook, read brandon sanderson books, study ancient history, and drink cheap beer and expensive whiskey.

GM style

I am a loud, enthusiastic person in general, and my tables are usually also loud. Long time GM who prioritizes recreating the feel of in-person game around a table. The most important things are the talking, laughing, doing funny voices, and getting devastated or elated over dice rolls. I make minimal use of distracting virtual tabletops to ensure that the conversation and the hanging-out-with-friends are at the forefront of the experience. But its not all shenanigans and goofing around: challenging tactical combat, interesting character builds, epic narratives, poignant character moments, and creative problem solving are what make us love these games!


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