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About me

Hello adventurer! I started properly playing and then DM'ing D&D (Red Box) in the early 80's after relentlessly raiding my older sibling's AD&D supplies in the name of Art. All those cool swords and wizards, who could blame me? I have been playing 5E for five years, and four of those five years have been spent consistently DM'ing at least once or twice a week. Combined with B/X, that's 7 years of DM experience. I love being a DM. For more about my style of DM'ing, see below. Inclusivity and accessibility are always at the forefront. If you have any accessibility concerns, please let me know and we can work through those concerns together. If you have any questions, whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact me! There are never any stupid questions! Currently, I am able to accommodate long-haul campaigns, short campaigns, and one shots.

GM style

My DM style is one that fully embraces the concept of collaborative storytelling. I am not a rules lawyer, however, I believe we need rules to maintain a consistent fantasy world to play in. Player agency is important. For me, it is the primary guide for the story that we partake in. Roleplay, and its many forms, is encouraged (No. Funny voices not mandatory), and crunchy combat can be embraced. One of my main efforts is to accommodate every player archetype at the table; from the storyteller and specialist, to the method actor and tactician. I tend to run games that stress matching appropriate player options to the proper adventure setting. I find this makes for a better player experience. If you enjoy a collaborative storytelling experience that challenges and excites all at the table, then the games I host may be for you. Most importantly, I fully embrace principles of total inclusivity and I expect everyone at the table to be patient and tolerant of others. I also try my best to be open and creative when it comes to accessibility.

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