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Stegilsaurus (Matt)

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About me

Well Hello there, My name is Matt, but my mom calls me Matthew. I have been an avid player and dm of D&D 5e for 6+ years now. I first got into D&D after a friend bought the starter set and asked if I wanted to try being the DM. 6 years later and I'm still the DM of that game that plays weekly. I am a hyper active person by nature and doing funny or odd voices has always been something I enjoyed doing, it just so happens that translates well into tabletop role-playing games. I am comfortable with improv and moving a story as the players dictate. I try to keep my games a mix of roleplay, combat, and exploration. I began looking at hosting games to find more ways to express my love for the game and to help others find that table they have been looking for. As a forever dm, I understand sometimes you just want to play, so what are you waiting for? My timezone is Pacific Standard Time. Enough about me... 🎲IT'S YOUR TURN TO ROLL. 🎲

GM style

📖~NEWCOMERS WELCOME~📖 I am always open to helping new comers learn the game. If you have questions in the game or before, don't be afraid to ask. I've never met someone to sit at the table for the first time and not have a question or two. 💼 ~SAFETY TOOLS FOR CONSENT~💼 At my table I want every player to be comfortable, to ensure this I use safety tools in all of my games. Before my games I have all players fill out the a TTRPG Safety and Consent Questionnaire. All of this will be available from the Discord server. 🔮 ~THE WORLD IS WHAT WE BUILD IT~ 🔮 Your choices matter! In my worlds, you shape it just by treading a path, whether that's good or bad is yet to be determined, so join me and let's find out. ⚔ ~COMBAT~ 🏹 I try to make all my combats Hard or Deadly when using the encounter builder on DNDBeyond. Quick thinking, and a good plan will be needed, although fleeing is always an option. 👤 ~NPC's~👤 I never add in the dreaded DMPC, so take solace in knowing NPC's in my world may help you, but never hold your hand or take the glory from the player. 🧊~RULE OF COOL~🧊 While I use RAW and RAI, I also enjoy a fun scene that my players help create. If the idea is fun, we might just have to roll🎲 for it 🎵 ~Music~🎵 I play music through Kenku FM on my discord server to help immerse the players into the game 🏺~Master Level D&D Beyond Subscription~🏺 Most source books will be provided. Find something you want, and I don't have? Let me know and I'll get it added to our game.


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