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About me

A professional Game Master and TTRPG Game Designer since 2004, Steel loves invoking evocative mental imagery as he guides his players through stories full of exploration, socialization and intense adventure! Having a lot of experience in all three chairs of TTRPG gaming (Player, GM and Game Designer) I have a unique perspective and understanding of gaming as a whole, which gives me insight into how to best write, plan and run game for my varied players. I am also open to game requests! Feel free to hit me up so we can discuss the perfect game you want me to run for you!

GM style

My games focus a bit more heavily on roleplaying (the R being the most neglected of the three letters in RPG), focusing more on storytelling, exploration and exploitation of available resources. Although I still regularly employ battle, my campaigns are far from the stereotypical "Spend money for good stuff, murder things to take their stuff, sell it for more money, spend that money for better stuff!" loop of gameplay, and a notebook is highly suggested during play, as an assortment of NPCs and hidden agendas can be sleuthed out to great reward for clever and attentive players! Being born and raised loving fables of all sorts, my worlds tend to be filled with creatures of all sorts, standard and homebrew alike! Leave your Human/Elf/Dwarf-dominant world expectations at home! My worlds have far more options to play with, and they are myriad to help you explore your characters both in creation and exploration to the fullest!


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