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Tom Klein

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Highly rated for: Inclusive, Creativity, Storytelling

About me

I was introduced to role-playing as a hobby early in my Air Force career and have been hooked ever since. Unfortunately as time has passed my old group has spread out and frankly our schedules just don't align as often as I would like. In addition to playing and GMing, I also dabble in game design as a hobby and I'm usually willing to work with players to homebrew something to match their goals. I prefer character focused games where the players are the stars and work to make sure each character has their own goals and challenges. For in person games I favor elaborate setups full of accurate miniatures, flavorful props, and fancy maps. Online, I tend to favor theatre of the mind with elaborate descriptions and lots of reference images.

GM style

When I run a game I want it to be character focused and driven. I expect each character to have a motive to be involved in the campaign at hand. A Session 0 to explain the expectations of the players and the campaign are a key tool I use and I prefer characters are at least discussed with the group before being built. I am also open to homebrew options and providing characters paths to pursue power outside of normal level advancement. Mix of combat and role-play varies per campaign, but I try to have have at least 1 combat per session but no more than 3. Depending on player preferences I can do full tactical combat with unique enemies and additional challenges during the fight or a looser theater of the mind approach. I tend to follow the rule of cool on what players can do and favor a more anime-ish approach to physics in my game worlds.

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