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Mehmet Onur Kart
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Highly rated for: World Builder, Storytelling, Creativity

About me

I love telling stories. I believe that TTRPGs offer the best way to share a story with others, by making the story theirs as well. I have a lot to tell and want it to share with as many people as I can. Meet new adventurers, recognize new perspectives in my worlds and share great and epic moments together, as well as trying the limits of our imagination along the way. I really like narrative role playing and interacting with players more than combats and dungeons. I want them to feel my world, get to know my beloved characters and wreak havoc in my kingdoms! I also have professional experience in game designing and I am one of the authors of Historica Arcanum: The City of Crescent, as well as the second upcoming book Historica Arcanum: Empires of the Silk Road.

GM style

I really love role-playing my NPCs. I also enjoy when players try their best to stay in role and minimize meta gaming. I usually answer to what my table desires: If they love combat, then I'd be happy to make my best to design fun and balanced encounters. I am very keen to listen to my party. As a player, combat is not my first priority, I enjoy roleplaying options and puzzles more. My neutral leaning is good mysteries and roleplaying actions behind it. I like crowning the journey with a meaningful fight. As a professional game designer for TTRPGs I've had many dungeon and other mechanic-wise experiences, so I have no problem with that.


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