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Xandr Stagwood
Game Designer

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Highly rated for: Creativity, Inclusive, Storytelling


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Response rate: 50%

About me

I'm Xandr Stagwood, 34, a passionate full-time writer and game designer with a rich background in guiding diverse RPG systems. My journey began during the pandemic, evolving through a brief hiatus to focus on personal matters, and now, I’m back with renewed enthusiasm to immerse players in the captivating realms of role-playing games. My specialty lies in crafting cinematic Oneshots. This format allows me to dive into a broad spectrum of stories, settings, and genres, offering a fresh and dynamic experience every time. I pride myself on a "fun-first" and minimalist approach, ensuring each game is not just engaging but deeply satisfying. Feedback is the compass that guides my improvements, so constructive insights are always welcomed. It's about making each session better than the last. I have a keen preference for systems like Ironsworn, Cypher System, and City of Mist, but my adaptability spans across a wide range of RPG platforms. My goal? To share memorable adventures with as many of you as possible. If you’re up for an expertly guided one-shot, whether solo or with friends, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m all about fitting as many epic journeys into my schedule as I can. Interested in an unparalleled RPG experience? DM me. Let's create unforgettable stories together.

GM style

I'm all about creating an immersive, narrative-driven experience in my games. My style is cinematic, focusing more on storytelling and role-play than on strict rules. I don't use traditional initiative in combat; instead, I prefer a free-flowing narrative approach that emphasizes the story and character interactions. I love crafting detailed worlds for my players, complete with NPCs, unique voices, thematic music, and custom artwork. I tend to run one-shots because they allow me to explore new stories and settings, keeping things fresh and exciting. For me, the rule of cool always trumps rules as written. My goal is to create memorable, engaging sessions that prioritize fun and creativity over meticulous adherence to game mechanics.


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